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Welcome to The Ollie Board – A place dedicated to all the pro and inspiring skaters, who are keen to show their zing for going over-board with us.

The Ollie Board carries a huge variety of electric longboards, electric mountain boards and electric skateboards for all the skateboarding maniacs to showcase their dynamo. No matter what your skill level is; from beginner to expert – we have the right skateboard to meet your needs, as well as the top longboard accessories that you need to build your perfect ride

Whether Electric Longboards or Skateboards; all the electric rides at The Ollie Board are high-quality, secured and absolutely stunning. From exquisite electric longboards to budget-friendly motorized skateboards, we have the solution for all your commuting needs. 

Why Choose Us?

Our main goal is to provide our customers with satisfaction, and the best products ever to suit their needs. Shopping with us, you can be sure about the affordable prices, high-quality customer service and only the safest products and accessories. 

At The Ollie Board, we provide you with a wide selection of accessories, perfect for electric longboards, mountain boards and electric skateboards. Here you can get a stylish and mind-blowing variety of longboard decks, sturdy longboard wheels, and other gears to make your ride more efficient and dynamic. 

From longboard accessories to electric skateboard’s odds and ends; we have got you all covered. Here you can handpick every part that goes on the skateboard. Select from your favourite grip tape, electric longboard decks, trucks, wheels, bearings and other hardware to build your own skateboard according to your choice. 

Our Mission:

Our aim is to provide you with a pleasant and easy shopping experience by offering the best price, best service, best selection, promptness and reliability. So, grab your electric longboard, skateboard or mountboard today and go Ollie in the air.

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