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Electric Skateboard Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

Electric skateboards are rapidly becoming the most popular and fun sensation of the new generation. It is not only a fun sport but also an effective way to commute over short distances. With the holiday season just around the corner, a lot of stores will offer discounts like Electric Skateboard Black Friday sales and Electric Skateboard Cyber Monday deals. With the countless options and products to choose from, one might become overwhelmed and not make a better choice while selecting the best electric skateboard.
Here in this article, we are going to enlist the top-performing electric skateboard so that you don’t have to worry about it.

You can buy a new electric skateboard or improve the performance of the existing one that you have by customizing it. Here in this article, we have put together the best deals you can get yourself during Black Friday Skateboard sales. Everyone is surfing the web to find their desired products. Make sure you visit the product pages too, bag and check out with some amazing deals on your favorite stores.

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It is one of the best products that you can buy on electric longboard Black Friday sales. This electric skateboard uses high-quality materials in its manufacturing. You can use it on flat surfaces as well as out in the wilderness. The board can reasonably sustain almost all kinds of harsh conditions. This electric skateboard comes with dual motors to enhance speed and performance.

The speed of the motor is fast enough to satisfy the thrill. The 350W Dual Motor Electric Mountain Board is the powerful electric skateboard you were looking for. It is powerful enough to climb mountains or uneven terrains. It will undoubtedly give you the experience of a lifetime.

The long-life battery gives you a long run time in one charge as compared to its other competitors in the market. Although the 350W Dual Motor Electric Mountain Board is a relatively new brand in the market, its users claim it is affordable yet best performance-wise. You can consider this product a good choice during electric skateboard Black Friday sales. You can get this for $299 and save a total of $151.


  • Board Category: Single Rocker
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Applicable People: All ages above 12
  • Plug Type: Flat two-pole Euro plug
  • Material: Polyurethane


  • Dual motors in 350W Dual Electric Mountain Board ensure high speed
  • Convenient and safe to use for both professionals and beginners
  • Remotely controlled electric skateboard
  • The 350 W powerful dual motors to enhance performance
  • Artfully designed, sleet and smart longboard


The 1200W Hub Motors Electric Skateboard by TeamGee is probably the perfect electric skateboard for you. The super-powered brushless motor can fire up the board to a speed up to 26MPH. The fast speed of this product that you can get yourself on electric skateboard Black Friday sales does not mean that the manufacture has compromised on your safety. It will give you a smooth ride, and you can still have fun.

The 1200W Hub Motors Electric Skateboard comes equipped with remote control. Its powerful polymer battery can give you a long range of up to 18 miles. The skateboard has a decent size of 39 inches with a “W” concave. Its 90 mm wheels are high quality and made from polyurethane that is suitable to travel on different kinds of terrains.

Regardless of your skill level, the 1200W Hub Motors Electric Skateboard that you get on electric longboard Black Friday sales will give you the best saving of $200, so now you can buy this amazing product at the price of only $600.


  • Board Category: Flat-Plate
  • Power: 1001-2000w
  • Voltage: 36v
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Range Per Charge: ≤18 miles
  • Applicable People: Anyone above 12 years
  • Charging Time: 4-5h
  • Certification: CE
  • Colors available: Black, Blue, and Red
  • Skateboard Material: 8 layer Canadian Maple + 1 layer fiber glass
  • Skateboard Size: 37*9*0.59 inch skateboard
  • Tire Material: Wearable PU/SHR83A
  • Motor Power: 540W brushless motor with Double Drive
  • Wheels Size: 9*5.4 cm
  • Skateboard Load: 286LBS / 130KG
  • Speed: 15.5MPH (25KPH)
  • Tilt Angle: 10-30 Angle
  • Battery: Polymer Battery


  • 1200W Hub Motors Electric Skateboard has regenerative braking system
  • Rechargeable battery with remote control charging cable
  • It is manufactured using high quality material
  • Durable and reliable electric skateboard for people of all ages above 12
  • Goes on for a 26MPH speed and 18 miles range
  • Can climb up to 25 degrees slopes
  • Safe braking
  • Can lift weight up to 130kgs
  • Less power consumption due to brushless motor and good quality wheels


The 480W Santa Cruz Electric Longboard gives you the best performance when it comes to high functional skateboards. The electric longboard is cleverly manufactured with high-quality materials to give you the ride that you have always wanted.

The best thing about this electric skateboard is that you can choose from four different skins, so go ahead and choose one that suits you best. This customizable feature makes your skateboard stand out from the ones your peers have on them. The brushless motor in Santa Cruz Electric Longboard 480W is noiseless and will take you places with one charge of the batteries. Its remote controls the gadget. You can use it to adjust speed and brakes.

So go ahead and bag yourself a competitive deal on this electric skateboard Black Friday sale. You can save $300 and get this product by only paying $499.


  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: H8
  • Product number: E762
  • Product name: electric skateboard
  • Control way: by remote controller
  • Application: For Child or Adult
  • Type: Remote Control Skateboard
  • Ideal for: Outdoor Sports


  • Santa Cruz Electric Longboard 480W is made from resilient and strong materials
  • Durable PU tires to ensure smooth journey
  • Long life batteries
  • Appealing and pleasant looking skins for the deck


While exploring the electric skateboards on Black Friday sales, you can get this amazing product. The 350W Electric Skateboard with a wireless remote is the ideal skateboard that comes with excellent features. The deck of this electric skateboard is made from eight layers of maple wood to make it long-lasting and bear more weight than other skateboards. The board comes in different customizable designs that you can choose. This product will last with you for a long time due to its high-quality materials.

The 350W brushless motor powers this electric skateboard with 110 – 240 volts. You can charge its 29.4V 2000mAh lithium battery once for a couple of hours and later on use it for a long distance. It is the best option for you if you love skateboarding. You can get this product on cyber Monday electric skateboard sales for $300 and save yourself $150.


  • Board Category: Flat Plate
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Electric Longboard
  • Applicable People: Men
  • Customizable: Yes
  • Material: 8 Layers Maple
  • Max Load/ Weight: 80KG/177LBS
  • Power Output: 350W
  • Input Voltage: 110-240V
  • Charging Time for Battery: 2 Hours
  • Battery: 29.4V 2000mAh Lithium Battery


  • High quality electric longboard
  • With powerful battery that gives you a range of 22 miles per hour
  • Long life battery that works for 500 recharge cycles.
  • The wireless remote control is used to accelerate and brake the gadget
  • Waterproof motor
  • Weather resistant body
  • Comes in two colors, blue and red

Hermosa Electric Longboard

Hermosa is a renowned brand if you are looking for the ideal beginner board. It is safe to use due to the high flex and torque in this skateboard. If you are looking for something to enjoy a smooth ride, then opt for a Hermosa Electric Longboard.

The six-inch wheels made from durable and high-quality materials make sure that your ride is smooth and bump-free. The 350W powerful brushless motor makes the electric skateboard fire up within seconds. You can use the remote control to adjust the speed and brakes on this skateboard. Hermosa electric longboard also enables you to climb up and inclination uphill, at an angle of 30 degrees.

The electric skateboard is sturdy but lightweight. It has a weight of 11 lbs. To ensure your safety the board is fitted with an integrated braking system. These brakes have a rapid response time. The Hermosa Electric Longboard is even secure for beginners in this sport.

The Hermosa Electric Longboard can reach a maximum speed of 13 MPH. The battery will last you a long time. The lithium battery is 26V 2.2AH, which gives you a drive of 6 miles per charge. The broad and sleek board of this ride is made from Maple Wood. It guarantees stability and keeps you safe on sharp turns.

Electric skateboard Black Friday sales can save you a total of $100 as you will get this amazing skateboard for $350 only.


  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: E557
  • Product number: E557
  • Product name: Four Wheel Electric Skateboard
  • Max load weight: 120kg
  • Application: Anyone above the age of 12 years
  • Type: Remote Control Skateboard
  • Ideal for: Outdoor Sports


  • Free 3-5 day shipping
  • Quality materials used in manufacturing
  • Remote controlled electric skateboard
  • 13 mph top speed
  • 6  mile maximum range
  • 1.5 hour charge time on battery
  • 220 lbs maximum load capacity
  • 6 months warranty


If you are looking for something to satisfy your off-roading style during this electric skateboard Black Friday sale, the Big Sur Dual Hub Electric Mountain Board is the best option for you. The skateboard comes with four different speed settings, so there is always one to fit your choice. The weight of this skateboard is only 13.5kgs, while it is made from durable material. The skateboard can hold a load of up to 120kgs.

It is suitable to climb slight slopes as well. The 30-degree climbing angle helps you to ascend inclinations and hills. The tires are made from polyurethane material to withstand any wear and tear for long.

The brushless motor is powerful and has a power of 1650W. You can enjoy riding out in the wilderness without breaking a sweat on this electric skateboard. The skateboard can accelerate to 40km/h. The 10000mAh battery of the Big Sur Dual Hub Electric Mountain Board can give you a long range of 25km.

Keeping in mind your safety, the manufacturers have introduced foot snaps in the board to help you balance even on rough terrains. During the electric skateboard Black Friday deals of 2021, you can get this remarkable electric longboard for the price of $800, which saves you a grand total of $175.


  • Board Category: Flat-Plate
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Electric Skateboard
  • Applicable People: Adult
  • Plug Type: EU Plug
  • Size: 1080*430*230mm
  • Material: Maple wood
  • Model Number: SYL-08


  • The Big Sur Dual Hub Electric Mountain Board has a powerful brushless motor
  • It has very fast speed, up to 40km per hour
  • You can get different speed controls
  • Foot snaps on deck to ensure safety
  • The battery can you a range of 25 km for every charge.

Safety Comes First

You can grab yourself the best skateboard while exploring the Black Friday skateboard deals, but adopt responsible behavior while riding it.

There are certain things that you must keep in mind when riding an electric skateboard. No matter whether you are an experienced skateboarder or a beginner, take the necessary precautions. When riding an electric longboard, wear protective gear. A helmet, elbow, and knee pads are crucial to protect yourself against any mishaps. Avoid going out during wet weather and especially during harsh winters when sleet covers the roads. The skateboards are not able to apply brakes efficiently during these times, and therefore may cause damage to you or your device.


There are so many products out in the market during the electric longboard black Friday and cyber monday skateboard deals. It is difficult to choose one that is the best pick for you. We have helped you narrow down your search by pinpointing what might be the best out of the whole lot. We hope you enjoy the memorable experience with your new electric skateboard.

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